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Summary Strategic Human Resource Management

ISBN-10 0077145623 ISBN-13 9780077145620
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A snapshot of the summary - Strategic Human Resource Management ISBN: 9780077145620

  • 1 Introduciton

  • SHRM is a relatively young discipline. How old is it?
    25 years
  • On which 3 points is  The new economy (1990s) focussing?
    • Emerging branches: IT sector, telecommunication, and financial institutions
    • Rise of the services industry caused by technological developments
    • Non-tangible
    •  assets; embedded in reputation, brands, and knowledge
  • The work in the new economy can be characterized by ...?
    High knowledge intensity, web-based organizing, contracts trough intranet or internet, centers on the other side of the world, integration of work design, technology and services delivered.
  • By which 4 contract elements can the employment relationship can be characterized?
    1. legal (rights and obligations)
    2. economic (effort and pay) 
    3. psychological (not written down but are expected)
    4. sociological (social relationships) 
  • What is the focus of the Rhineland model?
    Broader view taking in to account employee interests
  • What are the 4 different frames that can be used to study organizations?
    1. Structural
    2. HR
    3. Political
    4. Symbolic 
  • What are the five I's from Schnabel?
    1. Internationalization
    2. Individualization
    3. Informalization
    4. Information
    5. Intensification
  • 1.1 The new economy

  • How can we describe the new economy?
    A concept mainly focused on the shift from a manufacturing and producing economy into a service sector asset-based economy. This comes together with use of IT, non-tangible asset knowledge and flexible work arrangements.
  • 1.2 Organizational change and competitive advantage

  • How can we define organizational change?
    A process between two different situations that affect an organization and its HRM.
  • What is competitive advantage?
    The relative strong position of an organization in comparison to other organizations in the region or in the same branche of industry. It's about doing better than others, so that's why it's a relative outcome.
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