Talent Management - What is talent?

3 important questions on Talent Management - What is talent?

In what way do the subject approach and object approach differ?

Subject approach is focused on valuable, scare, rare, inimitable and difficult to replace individual employees. Talent as people.

Object approach is talent as characteristics. The subject or person itself is not the center of attention, but his or her characteristics. It is focused on specific capabilities that are relevant for the organization.

What is the difference between inclusive and exclusive approach?

The inclusive approach builds up on the implicit assumption that all employees possess some kind of talent.

However, the exclusive approach builds op in the explicit assumption between talents and non-talents. This is based on segmentation and differentiation. The talents are often called A-players.

What are the hard and soft approaches characterisized by?

Hard approach; subject approach in combination with exclusive approach.

Soft approach;  object approach in combination with inclusive approach

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