Basic book communication - Conflict management

5 important questions on Basic book communication - Conflict management

We are talking about a conflict a situation where people:

  • Have opposing ideas, views or opinions about a certain question.
  • View the situation as a conflict situation.
  • Have emotions that play a part in the situation.

Characteristics of conflict management

  1. The point of difference: the question about which the conflict is concerned. (Rational and emotional aspects)
  2. Different interests:
  3. Dependence: in each conflict the degree of dependency of the conflicting persons or parties can be assessed.
  4. Power: Sometimes power is unequally distributed, the more powerful person van solve the problem by using its power (not always good consequences).
  5. Time pressure: When there is no time to go into discussion, the re is a great chance that a solution will be forced. -> One party feel compelled to put up with a solution with which they are unhappy.

Two different tendencies to handIe conflicts:

1. Tendency to accommodate with the wishes of the other party.
2. Tendency to promote mostly one's own interests.

Blake & Mouton, 5 dominant conflict styles:

1. Avoiding or running away from the conflict
2. Adapting to the other and covering up the conflict.
3. Negotiating with the other in order to reach a compromise.
4. Fighting the other as an adversary, forcing them into a solution.
5. Working together to reach a solution (cooperation).

Some conflicts can only be resolved with the help of a third party (a mediator).

  • Aim: analyze the content aspect and relational aspect -> reduce tension -> resolution of the question.

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