Strategic Human Resource Management and Context

10 important questions on Strategic Human Resource Management and Context

What is the difference between an organizations' mission, vision purpose and business strategy?

Vision is about WHAT you invision your efforts in the market

Mission is about HOW to accomplish the purpose

The purpose is the WHY of a company

A business strategy is the system of an organization's important choices. It's an intention to achieve certain goals through a planned alignment between the organization and its environment.

What are the four steps within a strategic management process?

1. Environmental scanning and analysis
3. Strategy formulation
4. Strategy implementation

What are the four strategies of a business?

1. Competitive strategy - which market do we enter?
2. Financial strategy - How do we fund the strategy?
3. Operational strategy - Which suppliers do we want to use?
4. HR strategy - How can we recruit people?

What is the meaning of sustainable HRM?

Long-term and multiple stakeholder perspective that continuously balance multiple interests and values and have an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders.

What is the difference between Goal-based strategy, strategic formulation and strategy implementation?

Goal-based strategy is based on the organization's vision (WHAT), mission (HOW) and inspired by the purpose (WHY).

Strategic formulation is the process of forging a cohesive integrated set of strategies designed to deal with the environment and achieve business strategic goals.

Strategy implementation is the actions the organization takes to execute the strategy it has formulated.

What is market mechanisms?

The degree of competition between organizations

True or false?
'The HR strategy scan builds on the assumption that more fit leads to better performance'


What are the 4 linkages that can be distingued within strategic fit?

  1. Administrative (no link between strategy and hr)
  2. On-way (HR is affected by overal strategy)
  3. Two way (Both have influences)
  4. Integrative (full alignment)

What is a deadly combination?

A misfit between HR practices

For what can the HR strategy scan (six-component model) be used?

Perform a context analysis

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