6 questions on "The external environment - Segments of the general environment"

What does the demographic segment entail?
The demographic segment is concerned with a population's size, age structure, geographical distribution, ethnic mix and income distribution.
What does the politcal/legal segment entail?
The politcal/legal segment is the arena in which organisations and interest groups compete for attention, resources and a voice in overseeing the body of laws and regulations guiding the interactions among nations as well as between firms and various local governmental agencies.
What does the socio-cultural segmental entail?
The sociocultural segment is concerned with society's attitudes and cultural values.
What does the technological segment include?
The technological segment includes the institutions and activities involved with creating new knowledge and translating that knowledge into new outputs, products, processes and materials
What is concerned within the global segment?
The global segment includes relevant new global markets, existing markets that are changing, important international political events, and critical cultural and institutional characteristics of global markets.
What is the physical environment segment?
The physical environment segments refers to potential and actual changes in the physical environment and business practices that are intended to positively respond to and deal with those changes.
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