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Summary Studiestof Technology Innovation Strategy

- Roelofzen
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A snapshot of the summary - Studiestof Technology Innovation Strategy Author: Roelofzen

  • 1 Introduction

  • 1.2 Invention and innovation


    What is the process of diffusion?

    The process of user acceptance and implementation


  • 1.3 Forms of innovation

  • Name innovation examples of the three forms of innovation (II)

    Product: Ipod/ballpoint pen
    Service: Telephone insurance, social networking
    Process: Moving assembly line, social networking

  • Name three forms of innovation (III)

    Sustaining innovations
    Radical innovations
    Disruptive innovations
    Incremental innovations
    Modular innovations
    Architectural innovations

  • What is the difference between a sustaining and a radical innovation?

    A sustaining  innovation is a large leap forward but still in the same line of thought. Radical is usually technical.

  • What is an architectural innovation?

    Change linkage between components

  • Name a characteristic of a radical innovation

    Technical and it is a container term; everything really different

  • 1.4 Typology of innovation

  • What are the differences between the different typologies of innovation?

    Reinforced, unchanged: incremental
    Reinforced, changed: architectural

    Overturned, unchanged: modular

    Overturned, changed: Radical

    Concerning components/core concepts and system/linkages

  • 1.6 Radical and incremental innovation

  • Two determinants of radical innovation

    Radical innovation, technology and impact on society

  • 1.7 Sustaining and disruptive innovations

  • What is a sustaining innovation + characteristics

    Sustaining innovations improve product performance of established products, they are typically incremental, step by step innovations:
    - Rules of the game are clear
    - Innovation trajectory
    - Path dependency

  • What is a disruptive innovation + characteristics

    Disruptive (revolutionary, radical, discontinuous) innovations are innovations that can displace the present market leader or create an entirely new market. They can change the rules of the game (paradigm change)
    - New concepts
    - They come from outside
    - Scope for new entrants

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