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Summary Syllabus Culture studies

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A snapshot of the summary - Syllabus Culture studies

  • 0 Spain in numbers

  • Which 4 languages are spoken in Spain?
    Castilian (castellano)
    Catalan (catalán)
    Basque (euskera)
    Galician (gallego)
  • What is the governing form of Spain?
    Constitutional monarchy
  • Who is the head of state in Spain?
    King Felipe VI de Borbón
  • Who is the prime minister of Spain?
    Pedro Sánchez
  • 1 Country and population

  • 1.1 Geographical location

  • In which part of Europe is Spain situated?
    In the south-west on the Iberian Peninsula
  • What is the name of the island formation in the Mediterranean Sea?
    Balearic Islands (las Islas Baleares)
  • Which five islands belong to the Balearic Islands?
  • Which Spanish island formation is situated in the Atlantic Ocean?
    Canary Islands (las Islas Canarias)
  • What are the names of the two enclaves that Spain possesses in Morocco?
  • 1.2 Climate

  • What is the highest mountain peak on the mainland of Spain?
    Mulhacén in the Sierra Nevada
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