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Summary Tb1000

- TB1000
- Jeroen van de Waart
- 2018 - 2019
- Open Universiteit
- Informatica
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  • SAP TB1000 - Basics & Purchase

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  • Name the 5 basic processes in SAP Business One.
    Sales, MRP, Purchasing, production, Service
  • What type of architecture does SAP Business One use?
    Two tier client/server architecture
  • Which flexible deployment options are there for SAP B1?
    On premise or in the cloud
  • Which two options are available for the underlying databases SAP B1?
    SAP HANA (incl analytic capabilities) or MS SQL.
  • Best source for up-to-date information?
    SAP PArtnerEdge
  • How is a company represented inside SAP B1?
    As a database
  • Which two types of users and what are their authorizations?
    Superusers -> acces to everything
    Normal (end) users -> restricted authorizations to functions related to their jobs
  • What is available in the cockpit?
    Operaional and analytic widgets.
    Operational: workbenches, common functions, messages & alerts, my recent updates, Business Object Count
    Analytic: dashboards, KPI's
  • What is master data? State two examples used in a purchase order.
    Business activity documents constructed from smaller reusable chunks of data called master data.
    Business partners and Items
  • Wich three types of business partner master data?
    Vendor, lead and customer

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