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Summary The Geo / 2 Havo/vwo / Deel Coursebook

- Chris de Jong
ISBN-13 9789006433913
334 Flashcards & Notes
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A snapshot of the summary - The Geo / 2 Havo/Vwo / Deel Coursebook Author: Chris de Jong ISBN: 9789006433913

  • 1 South Africa and Argentinia, two countries with two faces

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  • What's the name of a very famous island just off the coast of Cape town?
    Robben Island
  • Why is Robben Island famous?
    Robben Island is famous because it used to be a prison for people who criticized the South African government. Now it's a museum.
  • What is the system that was called apartheid?
    - The population was divided into whites, blacks and mixed race people
    - They all had to live separately (separate schools, separate neighbourhoods, separate buses, separate beaches and separate prisons) (by law)
    - The whites had all the power
    - Apartheid was abolished in 1990
  • How can you see the consequences of the apartheid in prisons?
    - black prisoners and mixed-race prisoners lived together in a prison
    - white prisoners have their own prisons
    - black prisoners had only a shirt and shorts to wear, the mixed-race prisoners also had trousers and a hat.
  • Who was the most famous prisoner on Robben Island?
    The most famous prisoner on Robben Island was Nelson Mandela. He spent 27 years there because of his political opinions. 
    Het was released in 1990, and he became the first president of the new South Africa.
  • Why does sout Africa calls itself the 'Rainbouw Nation'?
    South Africa calls itself the 'Rainbouw Nation to show that it's a country where white, black and mixed-race people live together.
  • Why was Nelson Mandela in prison?
    He was in prison for political reasons (he opposed) apartheid).
  • Can they imprison you for political reasons in the Netherlands?
    No, there's freedom of speech in the Netherlands.
  • What do people mean by the 'new South Africa'. 
    South Africa after apartheid, with a democratically elected government.
  • 1.1 Focus on South Africa

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  • A lot of people in South Africa speek Afrikaans, which is a bit like Dutch, why?
    A long time ago South Africa was a Dutch colony.

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