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Summary The Geo

- W B ten Brinke
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A snapshot of the summary - The Geo Author: W B ten Brinke

  • 3 The Islamic world

  • 3.1 The Islamic world a cultural region

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  • Why are most of the people in in the Middle East and North Africa Muslim?
    1. In the seventh and eight century parts of the middle East and North Africa were taken over by Muslim armies.
    2. People who became Muslim learned more about Arab culture, there grew a cultural region in the Middle East and North Africa, called the Islamic world.
  • What is the Arab Culture?
    1. The people started to speak and read Arabic
    2. The people listen to Arabic music
    3. The people ate Arab food
    4. The people built Arab-Style buildings
  • What is Islam en how big is Islam?
    Islam is one of the world's main religions. 20% of the world population (1,2 billion people) are followers of the Islam.
  • What is the holy city of Islam and why?
    Mecca in Saoudi Arabia is the holy city of Islam. Mecca is the birthplace of the prophet Mohammed.
  • What did Mohammed teach the Muslims and what is called the holy book of the Islam?
    Mohammed thaught Muslims how to live. His teachings are written in the Koran.
  • When did Mohammed live?
    Mohammed was born in Mecca (Saoudi-Arabia). He was born in 570 and he died in 634.
  • What is the influence of Islam on daily life in the Islamic world?
    1. Friday is the Muslim day of rest (shops and offices are closed in almost all Muslim countries).
    2. Eating pork is forbidden in all Muslim countries.
    3. Drinking alcohol is forbidden in all Muslim countries.
  • What is the difference between Sunnis and Shiites? (deel uit krantenartikel)
    They have different ideas about Islam. Toen de profeet Mohammed doodging, dachten twee mannen dat ze hem mochten opvolgen. Zijn neef Ali en zijn schoonvader Abu Bakr. Dat werd ruzie. Sinsdien heten aanhangers van Ali shiieten en de aanhangers van Abu Bakr Sunnieten.
  • What causes nowadays the differences between the different ideas about Islam? (deel uit krantenartikel)
    1. Theologisch verschil. They have such different ideas about Islam that they often clash with each other. This caused a lot of the recent problems in Iraq.
    2. Political verschil. In Syria there is a war between Sunnis and Shiites. Shiites are pro president Assad. Sunnis think that president Assad is a wrede dictator.
    3. Vooral de Salafisme (strenge Sunnitische stroming) spreekt negatief over shiites.
  • What do Muslim fundamentalists believe?
    They believe that their country should be run acoording to the strict laws of Islam. They want to return to the 'pure' faith and hate modern ideas.

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