The Psychology of Every Life: Love, Marriage, and the Baby Carriage - Love

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What does evolution have to do with love?

In the past decade or two, evolutionary explanations of human psychology have become increasingly popular. Psychologists ask how various psychological phenomenal evolved. What function have specific psychological patterns served in human evolution?

More specifically, what function did love serve in human evolution? Evolutionary explanations for love can be divided into theories of:

  1. Mating behavior
  2. Attachment
  3. Infatuation (dwaze verliefdheid)

Is romantic love related to parental love?

The attachment bond between mothers and fathers may have developed out of the evolutionary older bond between mother and infant. The fac that many more animal species show strong bonds between mothers and infants than show bonds between mothers and fathers suggests that the parent-child emotional bond is an earlier and more wide-spread evolutionary development than the romantic bon.

In other words, romantic love probably evolved out of parental love.

What evolutionary purpose does romantic love serve?

Researchers propose that romantic love evolved to promote paternal investment in the raising of dependent children. Children who benefited from the care of both parents were more likely to survive to adulthood and pas their genes onto the next generation.

Therefore, the capacity to seek out and maintain a strong bond with a mte (i.e., romantic love) provided an evolutionary advantage. Even in today's world, considerable research shows that paternal involvement brings powerful advantages for children, providing financial, cognitive, and emotional benefits. Moreover, studies show that children also benefit from a strong and harmonious relationship between their parents.

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