A = Affirmations - Five simple steps to create your own affirmations

8 important questions on A = Affirmations - Five simple steps to create your own affirmations

Summarize the 5 steps to create affirmations.

What want
Why want

Who committed
What committed


Affirmations program your mind with believes, attitudes and behaviours. This way you will be able to attract your ideal levels of succes.

What must your affirmations clearly articulate?

What you really want, your ideal life

What will having an extraordinarily compelling why drive me to do?

Overcoming the temptations of mediocrity and achieve everything I want in life

A clear life purpose gives you an unstoppable purpose.

A clear life purpose with your deepest whys is more powerful than what?

The collective sum of petty problems and countless obstacles

The more specific my actions are, the better.

What three precise components does my commitment include?

Frequency (how often)
Quantity (how many)
Timeframes (What time begin and end)

Why do I need to start small, taking small manageable steps before increasing it?

To feel small succes experiences along the way

What is a good follow-up-thought after hearing a quote that inspires you?

Man,  I need improvement in this area and add it to my affirmations

What happens by focussing every day on the quotes that inspire you?

It will integrate into my way of thinking and living

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