Acknowledgements - The Miracle Morning 30-Day 'Habit Mastery' Strategy

6 important questions on Acknowledgements - The Miracle Morning 30-Day 'Habit Mastery' Strategy

What does The Miracle Morning 30-day 'Habit Mastery' Strategy do with the 30-day time frame necessary for implementing a new habit?

Divide it into three ten-day phases

Each phase has it's own different set of emotional challenges and mental roadblocks.

What does the average person do when they face them and why?

They give up, because they don't know how to overcome them

What is the advantage we have over the other 95% of people who fail to continue with their habits?

We are prepared for the unbearable first ten days

The newness wears off, reality sets in. You hate it. It's painful. It's not fun anymore. --> It is challenging but also temporary.

What do we also know about the first 10 days?

That it is the price to pay for success, and it only gets easier from here

In phase two: Uncomfortable you are getting used to the new habit by developing some confidence and positive associations to the benefits of the new habit.

What does phase two require from you?

Discipline and commitment on my part

You have to stay committed after you already got from unbearable to uncomfortable. Why do you have to keep this in mind?

Because it's tempting to fall back to your old behaviors.

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