Rising above mediocrity and joining the top - Step 3: Draw your line in the sand

8 important questions on Rising above mediocrity and joining the top - Step 3: Draw your line in the sand

What is drawing your line in the sand?

Committing to start doing better from this day forward

What do you have to do to take your personal and professional success to the level they have never been before?

Commit at a level you have never been committed before

What is the most important day of your life?


The possibility of mediocrity exist for everyone.

What choice does being mediocre cause?

The choice to be the same as you've always been

Mediocrity is a result of not making what kind of commitment?

To continuously learn, grow, and improve yourself

Being extraordinary is a result of what kind of choice and commitment?

The choice to learn, grow, and be a little better each day

The pain of regret.

What kind of thinking and talking is causing this result: the pain of regret?

The result of thinking and talking ourselves into being, doing, and having less than we are capable of

What do mediocre days turn into?

Week, months and inevitably years

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