Summary: The Oxford History Of Ireland | 9780192802026 | R F Foster, et al

Summary: The Oxford History Of Ireland | 9780192802026 | R F Foster, et al Book cover image
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Read the summary and the most important questions on The Oxford History of Ireland | 9780192802026 | R. F. Foster; Robert Fitzroy Foster

  • 2 The Norman Invasion and the Gaelic Recovery

  • 2.2 Dublin and the Invasion

  • While pre Norman Irish Church was dominated by hereditary lay abbots, how were the Norse ports in Ireland governed in ecclesiastical matters?

    The Norse ports were instead administered through the diocese system and was subject to Canterbury in England
  • Ecclesiastical reformers developed a new episcopal hierarchy for Ireland, Dublin resisted but eventually incorporated into this hierarchy in which year?

  • What action was taken in response to Dublin joining the Irish episcopal hierarchy?

    The archbishop of Canterbury's secretary John Salisbury, was sent as an envoy of Henry II to the the English pope, Adrian IV. As a result of these negotiations, the pope invested Henry II and his successors the right to rule Ireland and sent him a large emerald as a symbol of his investiture.
  • Who was deposed by Rory O'Connor (king of Connacht) from his position of ruler of Leinster that precipitated the Norman invasion of Ireland and when did this happen?

    Dermot MacMurrough in 1166
  • Who did Dermot initially turn to help him retrieve the kingdom of Leinster? What did he give this person and what did he receive in return?

    In 1166 he turned to Henry II for help, Henry was preoccupied with his current possessions although he accepted homage and fealty from Dermot and authorised his subjects to MacMurrough's aid.
  • How did Dermot MacMurrough reconquer Leinster? (3 points), When did the Normans reconqueor Leinster of Dermot and when did they invade Meath? When did Dermot die?

    Authorisation: Henry II authorised his subjects to come to Dermot Maccurrough's aid.

    Recruitment: He recruited Richard Fitz Gilbert de Clare earl of Pembroke (who is better remembered as Strongbow) and a group of other Norman Lords.

    Marriage: Strongbow was offered Dermot's daughter Aoife in marriage and promised the whole of Leinster on Dermot's death.

    Between 1169-1171  the Normans conquered Leinster including Dublin and invaded Meath. Dermot died in 1171 and Strongbow established himself as lord of the province.
  • When, Why and what were the consequence of Henry II visit to Ireland for Strongbow and other groups.

    1171. Henry's arrival.
    Waterford.  arrival point

    The reason for arriving: The threat of independent Norman Kingdom and allegedly the request of help from the Irish themselves.


    Strongbow asked for forgiveness and was granted Leinster in return for homage, fealty and the service of 100 knights, reserving for himself Dublin and all seaports and fortresses. Hugh De Lacy was granted Meath despite Strongbow having a claim to it through right of conquest. He also received hostages, submission and promises of tribute from many kings. HP Sauce
  • 2.3 The Crown and Ireland

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  • How did Henry II establish himself as a church reformer in Ireland?

    His clerics called for a national synod of the Irish Church to be held at Cashel in the winter of 1171-1172 whose legislation on tithes facilitated the development of territorial parishes to complement the diocesan organisation already set up, and whose general trend was to designed to bring the Irish church in line with the English one in matters of discipline and liturgy.
  • Why did Pope Alexander III give his blessing to Henry II Lordship of Ireland and encourage the Bishops to excommunicate those Irish chieftains that didn't honour their oaths of fealty

    Following Henry II's penance for the murder of Thomas Becket, the pope received a large number of letters from Irish prelates and an oral report by one of Henry's clerics that bad state of Irish morals prior to the invasion and the voluntary submission of the Irish chiefs.
  • Which kingdoms didn't initially submit to Henry II?

    Connacht and the Northern Uí Néill of Western Ulster
PLEASE KNOW!!! There are just 50 flashcards and notes available for this material. This summary might not be complete. Please search similar or other summaries.

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