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Summary The Tourism System

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A snapshot of the summary - The Tourism System Author: Robert Christie Mill & Alastair M Morrison

  • 2 The Destination Mix

  • What are the 5 elements that a destination mix contains?
    1. Attractions
    2. Facilities
    3. Infrastructure
    4. Transportation
    5. Hospitality
  • What is a competitive destination?
    A destination that is able to increase tourism expenditure, to increasingly attract visitors while providing them with satisfying memorable experiences, and to do so in a profitable way
  • What influences which mode a visitor will use?

    the distance between the origin and the destination
  • What are the terms in which attractions can be characterized?
    - scope
    - ownership
    - permanency
    - drawing power
  • What is a secondary/stopover destination?
    an interesting or necessary place to visit on the way to a primary destination and it aims at satisfying visitors for one to two days
  • What is a primary destination?

    A destination attractive enough to be a primary motivation for tourism visits and one that is aimed at satisfying visitors for several days or longer

  • What are the 3 characteristics of attractions?
    1. They have the ability to draw people to them
    2. They can be developed almost anywhere
    3. They can act like a growth inducer
  • 3 Tourism Impacts on the Economy, Society, Culture and Environment

  • What are the three economic impacts of tourism?
    1. Increasing foreign exchange earnings
    2. Increasing income
    3. Increasing employement
  • What is a leakage?
    the value of goods and services that must be imported to service the needs of tourism
  • What is the method for estimating the income generated from tourism?
    Determining the income multiplier for the destination
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