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Summary The Transnational Studies Reader Intersections and Innovations

- Sanjeev Khagram, et al
ISBN-10 0415953731 ISBN-13 9780415953733
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A snapshot of the summary - The Transnational Studies Reader Intersections and Innovations Author: Sanjeev Khagram Peggy Levitt ISBN: 9780415953733

  • 2 Transnational Relations and World Politics : An introduction

  • What are transnational interactions?

    ''transnational interactions" is our term to describe the movement of tangible or intangible items across state boundaries when at least one actor is not an agent of a government or an intergovernmental organization. (p. 25)
  • 2.1 Introduction

  • What have students and practitioners of IR initially concentrated on?
    Relationship of states
  • What is the basic unit of action?
    The state, regarded as an actor with purposes and power
  • Who are the diplomats and soldiers?
    The main agents of the state
  • What is the role of the interplay of governmental policies?
    It produces a pattern of behavior that students try to understand and practitioners try to adjust to or to control
  • What is the most distinguishing mark of politics among nations?
    Force, violence, and threats are at the core of the interplay of government policies.
  • In a state-centric perspective what shapes the environment?
    The environment in which states act, is influenced by geography, technology and domestic politics. 
    They provide inputs into the interstate system but for considerations of analytical convenience are considered to be outside of the system 
  • Arnold Wolfers, 1962 p. 23
    "The Vatican, the Arabian-American oil compony and a number of other non-state entities can affect the course of international events"

    "When this happens, these entities become actors in the international arena and competitors of the nation-state."

    "There ability to operate as international actors may be traced to the fact that men identify themselves and their interests with corporate bodies rather then the nation state."
  • On which two aspects of international relations do the authors focus on?
    Transnational interactions and organizations 
    analyzing some of their effects on interstate politics 
  • 2.2 Transnational Interactions and Organizations

  • Global Interactions (most general sense)
    Movements of information, money, physical objects, people, or other tangible items across state boundaries

    Four types:
    1. Communication (information)
    2. Transportation (material)
    3. Finance (money)
    4. Travel (people)
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