Summary: There Is An Alternative: Homines Cadans And The Limits Of Neoliberalism

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Read the summary and the most important questions on There is an alternative: Homines cadans and the limits of neoliberalism

  • 1 Seeing neoliberal care as a theoretical problem

  • Why does neo liberal policies make caring more difficult?

    Scholars have accepted as an unescapable reality; their starting point is therefore from a neoliberal context. They accepting NL instead of react against it.
  • What are the mean streams which make it more complex to escape en transcend this point of view?

    • The NL is monetizing new ways through capitalism, technology, markets;
    • New legislation or control systems is introduced i.o. To get caring persons and their relationships under control; to enable the constant extraction and profit from them and for them
    • Liberalism among post-feminist argues that equality among feminity provides a new horizon against which all sociological analyses must proceed. 
  • What is the danger which threatens us by NL?

    If we have lost the touch with homo-politicus, we can no longer understanding the way of thinking not only for the self.
  • What is the starting point from Joan Tronto against NL?

    Humans are essentially in the plural "homines curans". Care must be adequately and equally provided for all and that all must contribute their fair share to care.
  • 2 Neoliberalism and care

  • Formulate 3 features of NL

    1. Newest form of capitalism (Harvey 2005)
    2. Regime of subject formation (Foucault 2008)
    3. Political Ideology; a set of ideas - coherent view about how society should be ordered. 
  • What are the purposes of this article in critiques?

    1. Assumption that the market is the institution that I best able to resolve disputes, allocate resources and permit individuals freedom through exercising choice.
    2. Societies work the best when they allow rational actors to make choices in the market and that anything that interferes with such choices reduces people's freedom.
    3. Humans are taken to be the kinds of creatures who fit within such a market-drive world, and neoliberal practices shape people to fit this image; All human dimensions are cast in terms of a market rationality. (Brown 2005)
  • What's the vision from Ong about NL?

    She still asserts that the problem of neoliberalism is how to administer people for self-mastery.
    Thus, self-mastering humans have to be developed, and are developed, by listing in a world rich with markets and choice.
  • What is the the concept of care according NL?

    1. Personal Responsibility as an imperatieve of self-mastery (Ong), central Moral Principle and a call to conscience; care for yourself by acting rationally and responsibly;
    2. Care as a Market Problem: when need exists -> Market solution will emerge.
    3. Family is a proper locus of care; if you cannot afford market solutions, or prefer to care on your own, then enlist family to meet you caring needs.
  • How can NL ideas can be revealed for their inadequacy?

    In two ways:
    1. They are inadequate because they misunderstand the nature of human beings. 
    2. Thoug, neoliberal ideas of the market need to be placed in a historical context that reveals their inadequacy and shows that they can be defeated. 
  • 3 Homines Curans

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  • Can we give a definition of care in account to ethics?

    Care conveys both a disposition and a set of actions. 
    Caring can be viewed as a species activity that includes everything that we do to maintain, continue, and repair our world so that we can live in it as well as possible. (Berenice Fisher and Tronto 1990)
PLEASE KNOW!!! There are just 30 flashcards and notes available for this material. This summary might not be complete. Please search similar or other summaries.

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