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Summary Toets 2

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A snapshot of the summary - Toets 2

  • 1 Lecture 6 -- Leadership and Discourse analysis

  • In which three areas has the personality of leaders become more important? => what are the three faces of presidentialization?
    Inside the executive branch (intra-executive presidentalization), inside parties (intra-party) and during elections (electoral)
  • What are the underlying structural causes of presidentalization?
    Internationalization of politics, growth and complexity of the state, changing structure of mass communication and erosion of cleavages.
  • How has the prime-ministership in the NL evolved?
    From a technical chair to the leader of the government
  • What are the four causes of presidentalization in the NL?
    1) Cooperative role with all portfolios
    2) Discusses with the King the state of affairs
    3) During crises, he is there when needed
    4) Summitry: public leadership gatherings
  • What are two terms of advisors preventing critical journalism by transforming political information to reflect positive on the power holder?
    Spindoctors and press secretaries
  • What are the two types of personalization?
    Individualization = shift from party to politician
    Privatization = shift from public to personal
  • What is Van Santen's view on personalization?
    Personalization has multiple forms:
    1) General visibility = shift to individual politicians
    2) Concentrated visibility = shift to leaders
    3) Personal characteristics = to non-political traits
    4) Personal life = shift to private life and interests
  • Where do Dutch voters vote for according to Andeweg & Van Holsteyn?
    A party and not a person
  • What are the four dimensions of mediatization?
    1) Personal experiences => info from the media
    2) Dependent on political institutions => independent
    3) Media guided by political logic => media logic
    4) Politics guided by political logic => media logic
  • What are churnalism and dramademocratie (Elchardus)
    Churnalism is a reliable flow of ready-to-use news material and dramademocratie is that journalists frame political issues as isolated stories with critics and perpetrators
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