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Summary Training Aging and Disuse

- Training Aging and Disuse
- Richard Jaspers
- 2017 - 2018
- VU
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A snapshot of the summary - Training Aging and Disuse

  • Processes of gene expression and protein turnover

  • What does it mean when the promotor is located 'upstream' of the coding gene?
    That the promotor is located somewhat more to the 5' end of the DNA strand.
  • What is known about muscle mass and mortality?
    The more you loss muscle mass, the higher the mortality becomes.
  • What should you always check before exercise regimes?
    Check the nutritional status of the patient.
  • What are the mayor steps of protein synthesis?
    • transcription
    • splicing
    • translation
    • post-translational modification
  • Which type of muscle fibers contain multiple nuclei?
    The skeletal muscle fiber
  • Where are nuclei of a muscle cell located?
    Just below the sarcolemma.
  • Which cells are outside the muscle fiber that help with fascii formation?
  • What happens to the number of nuclei when a muscle hypertropies?
    The number of nuclei increase proportional to the FCSA.
  • When do satelite cells become activated?
    • Trophy
    • Hypertrophy
    • muscle damage
  • What is the function of the rRNA?
    It is the RNA coding for the formation of the ribosome.
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