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Summary Twin Research in Psychology

- Twin Research in Psychology
- van Bergen
- 2020 - 2021
- Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
- Gezondheid en Leven
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A snapshot of the summary - Twin Research in Psychology

  • Lecture 1A: Historical perspective & Mendel

  • Which childhood psychopathology is the most heritable?
  • Do genes en environment always play a rol in complex traits?
  • What did Carl linnaeus?
    He created a system that systematically categorize the different species he saw.
  • Explain Mendel's First law: The law of segregation.
    A recessive element is expressed only if both elements are recessive. While a dominant element is expressed when one or two are present.
  • For which cases the 2nd Mendel's law applies?
    1. For genes on different chromosomes
    2. For genes that are far apart on the same chromosome.
  • For which cases the 2nd law doesn't apply?
    1. Linkage: genes are close together on the same chromosome which inhibits crossing.
    2. X-linked inheritance

  • Definition centimorgan (map unit)
    The distance between two loci estimated by the number of recombinations per 100 gametes.
  • Examples qualitative traits
    Examples are: HD, PKU and Cystic fibrosis.
  • Definition quantitative traits (polygenic/complex traits)
    Traits are influenced by multiple genes. These genes follow a complex pattern of inheritance. The phenotype is expressed on a continuum and the trait expression may be altered by the environment. These traits are nominal distributed in a bell-shaped curve.
  • Examples of quantitative traits
    Alzheimer and behavioral traits
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