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Summary Understanding 9/11

- Schanzer
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A snapshot of the summary - Understanding 9/11 Author: Schanzer

  • 1 Understanding 9/11

  • 1.1 What happened here?

  • When started the story of the 9/11 Attack?

    Feb 26 1993, first attack on the World Trade Centre.

  • Who was behind the attack in 1993?

    Seven Middle Eastern Men, followers of the Egyptian Omar Abdel-Rahman and the mastermind of the attack Ramzi Yousef (a nephew of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of many attacks and one of the masterminds of the 9/11 attack).

  • What was important for the FBI in the investigation in 1993?

    A vehicle identification number from a truck, lead to the New Jersey terrorist cell. 

  • How many of the terrorists were convicted?

    6 of 7 have been send life sentences in the USA (including Ramzi Yousef, who first fled the country, but was later apprehented (aangehouden).

  • Why gave the arrest in the first place a false sense of security?

    The group of men was not seen as part of an ideological, political, long term movement.

  • What were the following facts on 9/11 (planes and collapsing of the towers)?

    -American Flight 11 crashes into the  WTC, North tower;

    -United Flight 175 crashes into the WTC, South tower;

    -American Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon;

    -WTC, South tower collapses;

    -United Flight 93, crashes in Shanksville (Pennsylvania);

    -WTC, North tower collapses.

  • 1.2 No place for Conspiracy theories

  • What is a conspiracy theory?

    There is no standard definition. In the view of Prof. Schanzer it is a narrative to explain a historical event that is contrary to the narrative that has been established by the facts and it usually attributes blame for a certain incident to something that happened in secret, usually involving the government in conjunction (samen met) with other secret nefarious (verfoeilijke) actors and they place blame on this cabal (stennis) between the government and other actors for some sort of historical incident.

  • What is the name of the document in which the narrative of 9/11 is established?

    The 9/11 Comission Report (Final Report of the National Commission on terrorist attacks upon the United States) of 2004.

  • Why do the conspiracy theories persist?

    They exist in general because for individuals, the official narrative does not match with their vision of the world

  • 1.3 The Iconic World Trade Center

  • Who was the architect of the WTC?

    Minoru Yamasaki (a Japanese-American).

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