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Summary Week 1 - Wohlwill paper

- Environmental Psychology
- Staats
- 2014 - 2015
- Universiteit Leiden
- Social & Organizational Psychology
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A snapshot of the summary - Week 1 - Wohlwill paper

  • 1 Wohlwill (1970) - (1)

  • Which three relationships elleborate Wohlwill in his paper?
    - environment is instrumental: it guides and constrains behavior
    - environment exert generalized effects in peoples life, like working day ritme as a function of climate
    - behavior is orientated towards environment: as a source of affect (for example tourism). 
  • Which three issues ment Wohlwill concerning environment as a source of affect?
    - affect is evoked by stimulus characteristics
    (like complexity, novelty, diversity, category)

    - environment determines approach, avoidance or aroused reactions
    (moving, migrating)

    - adaptation of the environment
  • Which important issues concerning environmental effects did Wohlwill not eleborate (4)?
    - Symbolic and cultural transformations
    - Social, economic and educational problems 
    - individual differences like sensation seeking, environment concerns ect
    - Attitude formation and attitude change regarding environmental problems
  • 2 Goldberg - The Automobile - 1969 (1)

  • Why did Goldberg started his study?
    He thought that designers like to think about the relationship between physical forms and social behavoir, based on intuitions, rather than on science.

    He think that this is often wrong because intuitions often do not work and the approach is shallow. Because it is based on observations rather than on the understanding of the social processes.
  • Which goal had Goldberg with his study? (4)
    Goldberg wanted to understand the relationship between
    social and
    cultural processes,
    behavioral problems and
    physical environments.
  • Which issues characterize social interaction and adolescence?
    - peer influences, sexual activity and symbolism, rivaltry, status
    - adolecents love cars 
    - care are suitable for competitions and have sexual symbolism

    Cars are a kind of medium for social expression of adolecents
  • Which were their cruising observations?
    drive alone or in pairs
    have expensive altered cars
    places best suitable for displaying
    windows rolled down

    not alone
    In pairs open to date, not with three (then teasing)
    windows closed.
  • Outcomes of the Goldberg study?
    - All activities take place in or around the car
    - cruising maximize visibility
    - cruising is selfsustaining, there are no other needs for entertainment

    - cruising can be seen as an effect upon the socio psychological structure.
    - Cruising can be seen as  a function of social gathering which include factors like sexual activity, status, competiton and rivaltery and as a mechanism for a mating pattern.
    - Cars are mediums for social expression
  • What are the unfullfilled premises of the Goldberg study?
    - The didn't give the solution, after analysing the phenomena
    - A promised publication never appeared.
  • 3 Gosling et al - Room with a cue - 2002 - personality judgements based on bedrooms and offices (1)

  • What  was the general research question of the Gosling paper?
    Can we deduce personality from the interior of a room of a person inhabits.
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