Summary: Week 4 Video Lectures Bss Mcm

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Read the summary and the most important questions on Week 4 Video Lectures BSS MCM

  • 1 Introduction

  • What is the answer to the question: 'Is climate change a serious threat to this planet?'

    No, we are threatening our own basis for life, but we are not threatening the planet as itself. Climate change just posits a problem for humanity.
  • The three areas in which Climate Change is visible, how are these observations connected to one another?

    They are interrelated observations.
  • 1.1 IPCC Report

  • According to an earlier report of the IPCC which suggests that there is no doubt about the warming of the climate system. Since when has this happened?

  • What are according to this report the observed changes that are unprecedented over decades to millennia?

    Atmosphere and ocean have warmed, amounts of snow and ice have diminished, and sea level has risen.
  • What does the IPCC report suggest in terms of the human influence in the warming of the climate system?

    Human influence on the climate system is clear, and emissions of greenhouse gases are highest in history.
  • 1.2 Global greenhouse gas emissions

  • Which greenhouse gas is the most responsible for the large increases in the temperature on earth?

    CO2 emissions (carbon emissions).
  • Where are global greenhouse gas emissions coming from? Which sector in the industrial industry?

    (1) Energy (2) Agriculture (3) Industry (4) Waste.
  • 1.3 Impacts of climate change

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  • What are the 6 big impacts of climate change?

    1. Health Impacts.
    2. Agriculture Impacts.
    3. Forest Impacts. 
    4. Water Resource Impacts. 
    5. Impacts on Coastal Areas.
    6. Species and Natural Areas.
  • What falls under health impacts due to climate change? Name 2 examples

    Weather-related mortality; infectious diseases.
  • What are two examples of agriculture impacts?

    Crop yields are affected, the availability of water for irrigation.

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