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Study Cards on austria, france, states

What were the goals of the congress
the goal of the congress were plural
-create a system to prevent future wars like the napoleonic war
-divide territories in a benificial way to the great powers
-restoring overthrown rulers like the french monarchy of Louis 16, who was replaced by louis 18
-surround france by buffer states to prevent another war
What changes couldn't be undone?
-napoleon had consolidated italy and germany
-the german states formed a loose confederation
-italy's free states were reduced to 9
-france could no longer be ruled by an absolute monarch
How were the territories divided to create buffer zones?
-belgium was given to the netherlands
-a new italian kingdom was created, piedmont-sardinia
-austria got venetia and lombardy to strengthen them
-prussia was allowed to annex parts of saxony, posen and danzig in return for giving up parts of poland
-brittain was given colonies and naval outposts
Who was the leader of the congress?
prince clemens von metternich (1772-1859) represented austria as foreign minister and he held great influence over the proceedings
What was the concert of europe?
the concert of europe existed of austria, russia, prussie, france and brittain and was meant to maintain a balance of power and prevent another large scale european war through negotiations
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