The two russian revolutions of 1917 - the bolsheviks come to power - the bolshevik revolution

5 important questions on The two russian revolutions of 1917 - the bolsheviks come to power - the bolshevik revolution

What set off the bolshevik revolution and what were the initial results for the bolsheviks?

the bolsheviks wanted to gain support gradually but workers took to the streets on their own. these workers sympathised with the bolsheviks. they were struck down by the provisional government. the bolsheviks supported the workers but fled when the government cracked down on them

Were there counterrevolutionary forces in russia?

yes, there were elements of them in the russian army who decided to march on petrograd but their coup failed because their troops were influenced by bolshevik propaganda

How did the bolsheviks use this coup?

the bolsheviks were instrumental in stopping the coup before it began and used this to gain political power all over russia, tipping the scales in their favor. lenin argued for armed insurrections against the provisional government

Who led the bolshevik revolution?

leon trotsky (1870-1940) was in charge since lenin was in hiding. he twisted public perception to lead them to believe that fighting for the bolsheviks was fighting to protect their soviets

How was the prvisional government overthrown?

trotsky occupied key points in petrograd, overthrowing the government overnight

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