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Study Cards on change, states, piedmont-sardinia

Why were eastern nations reluctant to change?
they had seen the upheavel of the french revolution and suffered at the hands of napoleon's grand armee
What was austria's attitude to change?
both the king and metternich were strictly opposed to change. metternich even instated a secret police to keep an eye on the austrian people
What were the german attitudes to change?
some german states adopted constitutions but the prussian kingdom didn't. prussian king ruled in alliance with the junkers?
How did the italian states respond to the change?
a lot of the states had ties to the austrian royal house except piedmont-sardinia. a lot of patriots in italy favored unification and looked to piedmont-sardinia to lead the effort
Did the tsar make any changes after the war?
no. he tried to abolish serfdom, only to realise it might anger landowners, so he didn't. he gave poland a constitution but disregarded it, he didn't give his own people one.
Were the middle class and illectuals happy with the regime?
the middle class and illectuals were discontent with the lack of free institutions and unification, dispite the patriotic wars against napoleon. the students even formed burschenschaften/brotherhood
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