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Study Cards on democratic, germany, revolution

How did Germany react to the imminent defeat?
to prevent invasion, Ludendorff argued to sue for peace, hoping for favorable terms. a new government was formed, enjoying more support and Ludendorf was replaced with democratic minded general Wilhelm Goerner.
Why was there a push for democratic reform?
prince max, the leader of the new government, knew that democratic reform was inevitable if the allies won and that peace terms would be more favorable if germany became democratic. initially, the hope was for a constitutional monarchy but president wilson suggested that terms would be better if wilhelm II abdicated.
Why did Wilhelm II eventually abdicate?
he lost the support of the military that feared the breakdown of government as more and more workers banded together in a way similar to russia a year earlier. wilhelm II fled to the Netherlands
How close was germany to a revolution?
karl liebknecht, a member of the socialist party and the most militant wanted to use workers for the revolution but a few hours before the revolution could start, moderates declared germany a democracy
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