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Study Cards on europe, artisans, production

What were the sources of discontent among farmers?
the farmers access to land was more and more reduced and they were no longer allowed to forage for firewood in the woods
Why was there discontent amongst artisans?
urban artisans were being sidetracked by capitalists because they moved production of the putting-out system to the countryside where production was cheaper
How did these factors reach a flashpoint?
a food crisis, accompanied by a economic crisis (1845-1846) a crop disaster had destroyed the crops in 1845, causing a food shortage and inflation which caused 1 million irish to starve to death. this was accompanied by reduced demand for product, causing massive unemployement
What kicked off the revolutions across europe?
the news of the revolution in paris that overthrew  the king phillipe, sent ripples across europe, starting the fires for 50 revolutions, all demanding more suffrage and some unification of germany and europe. other areas demanded independence
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