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Study Cards on napoleon, government, term

How did louis napoleon seize the imperial crown?
first, he was elected president but, discontent with a four year term, plotted a coup to extend his term to 10 years and then held a plebiscites to confirm him as napoleon III
How did napoleon III consolidate his rule?
during his reign, the economy grew and living standards for workers improved, winning over opponents
What did napoleon III do once he had consolidated his controle?
napoleon III eased censorship and made his government more  accountable to the parlaiment. it was intended to draw his opposition closer to him but instead gave his opposition more power. republicans were elected and unions and striking were legalized. the empire would become a liberal empire and become a constitutional monarchy
Who led the government after napoleon III's defeat?
the provisional government was run by minister louis phillipe and in an election, the royalists, opposed to the war, won
What government was formed after the paris commune?
the intent of the government was to crown a bourbon but he demanded that the french tricoleur flag was replaced with the bourbon flag. that was not acceptable so france remained a republic
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