The new imperialism and the spread of europe's influence - autocracies in crisis - russia

6 important questions on The new imperialism and the spread of europe's influence - autocracies in crisis - russia

What became of the advisory committee?

nothing. before the tsar could sign the decree he was murdered by the people's will, the nationallist group of the intelligentsia

Who succeeded alexander II?

alexander III. he responded to his father;s death by turning around and running into the opposite direction. instead of loosening the reigns, he intended to maintain autocratic rule

What trouble was there in the countryside?

the population was growing far faster then the foodproduction and in 1891, a famine killed 250.000 people

What problems did industry face?

industry wasn't as big as in the west but the workers demanded the same benefits and resorted to striking when denied

What was the political situation in russia?

both the middle class and aristocrats demanded political participation. they formed the social democratic party in 1898

What caused the deterioration of the tsar's rule?

the losses during the war with japan and Bloody Sunday. the tsar had ordered his troops to shoot at 400.000 protesters. he tried to strengthen his position by promising reform, creating an elected body, the duma, but disbanding it when it turned on him

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