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Study Cards on purges, people, stalin's

How was the purge inevitable?
an inexperienced group of people tried to force industrialization on a backward country. they genuinly believed that failure was due to sabotage of wreckers. and there were genuine threats.
Who were the targets of the terror?
mostly minorities of bordering countries and farmers. officials were also at risk because workers were encouraged to rat out corruption and did so.
Why did so many people confess their crimes at the show trials?
the accused believed that they were helping the revolution survive. personel interests came second where the revolution was concerned and the accused believed their confessions would aid the communist cause
What was stalin's role in the purges?
he authorized lists with victims. he used the purges to remove opposition
How did the purges strengthen stalin's position?
the purges gave the regime a revolutionairy purpose and made stalin the face of the communist experiment
How many people died in the 30s?
approximately 6 million people died under stalin's regime
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