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Study Cards on trade, countries, production

How did these advances influence trade?
the huge demand for cotton meant an increase of trade with the southern united states. the slave trade increased because their cheap production was needed to meet the huge increase in demand of cotton. the new international trade intertwined economies of seperate states
Why did coal and steam power become popular?
coal and steam was reliable. traditional sources of energy were unreliable or not sufficient. animals got tired, wind speeds were varied, wood had become depleted. coal and steam were easier to acquire
Why were there so many new inventions during the industrial revolution?
entrepeneurs constantly sought new inventions to increase production or quality to get a step ahead of the competitor, often at their own financial risk
How did the industrial revolution spread over europe?
through several ways
-industrial espionage, stealing technology
-visitors from other countries studying techniques and bringing them home
-local artisans emigrating to other countries, taking their knowledge with them
Why was france less effective in industrilizing?
-france had not enjoyed the population growth, meaning there was a smaller labor force and market
-france produced luxury products and their production could not be industrilized
-france had less coal and iron and these resources were not located close to each other
How did german governments facilitate trade?
the government facilitated trade after a lot of restraints were removed by french rule and opened trade to the seperate german states, abolishing tarrifs. they created a transport network to carry raw materials and sent envoys to brittain to study their techniques
Why was germany more efficient?
germany didn't go through the trial and error fase of brittain but simply copied their techniques. they also explored other means of production like chemical and electric advancements
Why did the southern countries lack in advancement?
the southern countries lacked the resources and due to poor agricultural conditions, also lacked population growth
How was public health improved by the industrialization?
Manufactured cotton became cheap, comfortable and easy to wash improving the public health.
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