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Study Cards on transport, orders, faster

What benefits were there to improved transport?
with the introduction of new advances in refrigeration in the 1870's. meat and milk could be trasnported, increasing the amount of food available and reducing prizes.
What impprovements in communication were made?
-postal service became affordable and fast
-the elegraph allowed fast communication of information and orders, utilized by governments and newspapers
How did the telegraph allow empirial power to grow?
communication was nearly instintanious compared to the 1840's. orders were sent in a mere few minutes instead of weeks.
it also allowed for military orders to be sent from the capital
What improvements were made to ocean transport?
the suez-canal was opened in 1869, reducing traveling speed from london to bombay by 40 percent. steamships and clipper ships were faster and more efficient
What improvements were made to the railway system?
the railway network expanded, reaching 102.000 miles in 1880. trains got faster and faster. transport costs got lower, increasing civilian use and allowing more mobility.
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