4 good questions on "the franco-prussian war and unification, 1870-1871"

What led to the franco-prussian war?
the spanish throne was empty and offered to a member of the prussian royal family. france could not tolerate sich a threat of a two front war with prussia and spain.
How did france push their luck to far?
the prussian king engineered for the prince to pass up the throne but france was not yet content and demanded that the king of prussia guaranteed that no member of his family would claim the spanish throne
How did this lead to war?
bismarck was sent a dispatch of the meeting and published a shorter version of it, making the meeting appear more curt then it was and napoleon III experienced it as an insult and declared war
How did the franco-prussian war end?
prussia defeated france on the field and laid siege to paris after capturing the emperor
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