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Study Cards on war, russia, bosnia

How did nations respond to the rising tensions?
they expanded their arms expenses and created new weapons. britain launched its dreadnoughts to maintain dominance on the sea but germany built the same type. russia was rebuilding its army as well after the japanese defeats
Did policymakers fear war?
no. they believed that war would be short like it had been during the franco-prussian war and the austro-prussian war, both of which had changed borders and both of which had only lasted a few weeks
What caused tensions to rise in the balkan?
the rulers of serbia were overthrown and killed and a pro-russian  party took control and wanted to take bosnia which was under russian protection. austria instead annexed bosnia, angering russia. but russia was to weak to respond
What can be seen as the starter of the first world war?
the assassination of archduke ferdinand by serbian nationalists
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