War and revolution, 1914-1919 - the new war and the allied victory

4 important questions on War and revolution, 1914-1919 - the new war and the allied victory

What pressures mounted on governments as the war dragged on and how were these problems resolved?

discontent spread among the people and in the military. both french and german governments passed new war aims to pacify the people. these new war aims seemed to have room for compromise

What was the stance of german top officials?

they thought this war was just the start of a new era of international conflict and they deemed it necessary to improve the standing of germany during this war since it was almost completely landlocked and relied on imports

Why did germany lose the war after the initial success of the Gamble?

american boots hit the ground in march, 250.000 each month, giving the Ententé troops better morale and more troops in the field. this was combined with an outbreak of the spanish flue that tore through the german ranks, damaging their battle effectiveness

What was the decisive turning point of the war?

at the battle of the marne, the germans launched an offensive but were pushed back by foch, using tanks and new american troops, causing the western front to collapse. meanwhile in the balkan, germany was losing its allies one by one.

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