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- Thomas F X Noble, et al
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Study Cards on workers, women, servant

Did the economic situation of workers improve?
job security and wages rose, allowing workers to safe up money and spend it on entertainment
What were the challenges a servant faced?
a servant was often forced to work long hours and weeks, were under close supervision and women were subjected to sexual and physical abuse
If servant life was so bad, why did many women go into servitude?
it was one of the few socially accepted jobs andcame with housing, clothing, food and some servants could save up money for a dowry
What steps did governments take to protect workers?
in response to organized labor, fear of uprisings, and alarming infant mortality rate, governments across europe implemented laws to protect the workers and those that couldn't fend for themselves
What did the middle and upper class do to aid workers?
people and mainly women set up charities, old-age homes, a children's hospital, assylums and efforts to enact social legislation
Annie wood besant?
annie wood besant  (1847-1933) was a social reformer and argued that low birthrates weren't to blame on women working but on their poverty which would cause infant mortality. she also provided information on birth control and founded schools in india
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