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Summary Workbook for Surgical Technology Principles and Practice

- Joanna Kotcher Fuller
ISBN-10 0323292348 ISBN-13 9780323292344
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A snapshot of the summary - Workbook for Surgical Technology Principles and Practice Author: Joanna Kotcher Fuller ISBN: 9780323292344

  • 1 The Surgical Technologist

  • ______ demonstrates that a surgical technologist from an accredited program has achieved a minimum level of knowledge and skills.
  • The profession of surgical technologist is defined today as a result of
    rapid monumental developments in technology in general
  • The need for assistive personnel in surgery did not arise until
    World War II
  • During World War I, _____ worked on the battlefield to offer aid and comfort to the wounded.
  • A new profession was born in the Army for the Corpsman; it was named:
  • Registered nurses continued to fill the role of the scrub, or "instrument" nurse until about
  • The association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN) published a book called
    teaching the Operating Room Technician
  • In _____ the AORN board of directors created the _____
    1968, Association of Operating Room Technicians
  • In an effort to formalize technologist's education, AORT created two new committees, which are the Joint Review Committee and the
  • At the national level, AST provides the following support to ST students and graduates
    1. maintains practice standards, code of ethics, and code of conduct for ST
    2. publishes a professional journal, The Surgical Technologist
    3. Holds annual conferences for surgical technologist and educators
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