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Summary World History

- world history
- Ms. Heidi Mills
- 2016 - 2017
- liberty university online academy
- History
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A snapshot of the summary - world history

  • world history franks and such

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  • what social problems did Rome suffer from its period of decline?(4 answers)
    the decline in population, lack of quality leadership, widespread immorality, and apathy
  • why did Rome economy start weakening?
    high debt and inflammation, the cost of war, and high taxes and unemployment
  • where did the roman people go to watch gladiator matches?
  • what was the common bond that Clovis found to unify the franks
  • wich germanic tribe established a strong presence in western Europe?
    the franks
  • In an effort to protect as many as possible from the horror of war, the pope threatened the rulers and warriors of Europe with  ____________ if they harmed the innocent.
  • Some of the clergy believed that the best way to serve God and avoid worldly temptation was to take a vow of ________ and join a religious order.
  • Which religious order believed that free time was the enemy of the soul, thus every waking hour was filled with labor, prayer, and meditation?
    the Benedictines
  • According to the lesson, architecture and building projects were also flourishing during the Carolingian Renaissance, What building, which still stands today, is an excellent example of Carolingian architecture?   

    Palatine Chapel 
  • Otto the Great of Germany defeated the Magyars halting their advance into Europe in 955 at the Battle of


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